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The Marjon Check In Application

Privacy Statement

The Marjon CheckIn service is designed and developed as part of the Touchpoint learning analytics project.

The system will record attendance in timetabled sessions. This data will be made available to relevant teaching and faculty staff. This data will also be available to individual student users.

Data recorded will be:

  • Username
  • CheckIn Time
  • Location - If on campus, this may also include GPS
  • Method of CheckIn (Scanned or manual)
  • CheckOut time if available

Students can only access their own statistics via the 'Donuts' displayed in either the Marjon Mobile app or the CheckIn page after scanning a CheckIn QR code.

Students can also 'Check' themselves into other non timetabled areas of the campus to record activity such as private study or meetings.

Students are encouraged to share their attendance and activity history with their Academic Advisor as part of their discussion on progress.

This service is also under the university's data protection policies. More information can be found on the university website.

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